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Ferramentas Pessoais

Free Software

We want to cooperate with our community's welfare through the use of free software as a means and an end.

Why use free software?

Learn more about free software on Wikipedia, click here.

The free software movement is based on the user's liberty to use, copy, study, change and redistribute computer software, with no restriction. Such freedom allows a broader digital inclusion, rendering the society more human, by providing means for every user to contribute and improve the software's quality, which produces better quality in final users' experience.


Many of our websites are Plone based, which gives us an efficient way to create aesthetically attractive and extremely functional websites, designed especially to meet our clients' requirements.

Plone is a content management system (CMS) that can be used to build websites. With Plone, anyone can contribute with content for a website without the help of a computer guru. Plone works through the Web, so it is not necessary to install any specific software in your computer.

A website in Plone contains several types of content, including text, pictures and images. These may have different formats: documents, news, events, videos, audio archives; any kind of archive and data that can be added or created in a website. The content can also be added from your local computer.

Contact us and know more about Plone.

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