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Ferramentas Pessoais

Social Responsibility

We are part of a whole and the whole needs us to do our part.

Krei believes that simple acts executed by many people can produce great effects. The Internet enables people around the world to fight for the same cause, each making their own contribution. Helping our neighbor has become something easy and practical: make a donation online, ask questions on forums, mobilize a community for a certain cause in a social network, contribute writing codes for a free software product; all of this shows that there are many people willing to help without expecting something in return.

This help takes place even for those whose names are unknown, in different parts of the world, regardless of different ethnicity, social status or religious beliefs. People who help do it because they believe; they believe that it is worth it to contribute to no matter what. At Krei, we relate to this vision and believe that this altruistic feeling is present in most of us... some just need tools.

"Virtue without charity is just a name." Isaac Newton

This is why Krei created a Solidary Web project. "Web Solidária" consists in creating and donating a website for a charity foundation, so that, through the Internet, it may increase its power of mobilizing people who relate to their purpose and are willing to help.

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