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Ferramentas Pessoais

Purpose and Principles

All of Krei's projects are considered a partnership with the client. Our utmost goal is to establish a trusting bond so that all the needs regarding design and advertisement be discussed with us, in order to assure the client a unique and expressive identity in the market.

"The supreme law of art is the representation of beauty." Leonardo da Vinci

In this respect, Krei is set apart from its competition by not limiting its assistance to services. Instead, the company acts as a consulting firm in design; always looking for a constructive relationship that meets customers' needs accurately.

A design project must be seen as a work of art: attention to detail, subjectivity, harmony and cohesion, the unexpected, the subtle and expressive, the intriguing and the simple. All of this is worked in the conception and creative process of the products we develop.

The company believes that the creative process happens in a spontaneous manner as soon as each team member feels comfortable and free to create. Having this in mind, Krei adopts a work methodology that assures its employees autonomy, whether it be in creating, executing or even pertaining to the time and place where tasks are performed. At Krei, there are no impositions; each one chooses their own most productive and interesting working style.

If you can relate to our vision and would like to work at Krei, contact us.

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